Jez Malins

Trained Mountain Leader, Qualified Wilderness First Aider & Ex-Army 

Jez joined Meetup in 2014 but joined the AAA team in 2015/16. He has been a great addition bringing a new level of ultra fitness. Jez will guide you on the challenging hikes. His speed and endurance born out of a background of trail running and a military career serving in two highly elite British Army Regiments. That being said he’s known to enjoy a relaxed and sociable hike with even a bit of yoga. But he won’t admit to that 😉

Jez’s military career was extensive and included tours to difficult places where he delivered medical expertise [including to local communities] on operations, exercises and expeditions. His favourite was as an Expedition Medic on Mt Kenya.  Nowadays he’s more often than not seen tending to blistered feet and hungover heads! But should you have an accident there’s no better person to be with?

He is also a Freelance Camera Operator having worked for Summit Fever Media on outdoors running/cycling projects for Microsoft, the National Japanese News TV network, Red Bull, Open Adventure, Spine Race, Team OA, Dig Deep 8.2. He is also a massive kit monster/nerd and has industry knowledge second to none and is often found dishing out brand advice on outdoor kit for all types of outdoor activities. 

Jez has guided in Corsica, Switzerland, Poland, Madeira, Croatia, Slovakia and Slovenia and worked as a Ski Liftie in Whistler, B.C. The Outdoors runs deep in Jez’s DNA!

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